Women's Ministries

Where to Begin

Every local church should appoint a women's ministry leader. It is a ministry that serves the majority of most churches-women account for nearly two-thirds of church members within many congregations. The women's ministry leader is a member of the local church board and coordinates women's ministry activities with the pastor and church board.

The major functions and tasks of the women's ministry leader include the following:

1. Establish a committee composed of individuals who are interested in women, their needs and 
    concerns. The purpose of the committee is to develop strategies and assist in planning
    programs and activities relevant to the needs of the women of the congregation.

2. Conduct a survey to discover the needs of the women of the congregation.

3. Plan for program development.

4. Serve as chair of the women's ministries committee.

5. Be an advocate for women's needs, concerns, contributions and voice in the local congregation
  and community.

6. Continue personal reading program about women's issues and concerns, including stories of
     women in the Bible and other sources.

7. Include young women and girls in plans for women's ministry.

8. Reach out to the SECC Women's Ministry director for any resources, questions or references.