Women's Ministries

A Psalm for Mothers

We thank you, Creator God, for all who are mothers and for those who are mothers of mothers.
For Eve, mother of all living, who knew the anguish of losing a beloved son by the hand of her firstborn, whom she also loved.

We thank you, God of Compassion, who loves us as a mother, who nevers forgets us, your children.

For Sarah, whose children became a nation of the people of God; for Hagar, unloved, un-wed, homeless- and for all mothers who are alone and who trust in God to come to their aid.

We thank you, Protecting God, who gathers us under Your wings as a mother hen protects her young.

For Jochebed, slave woman, who saved her son, Moses, from the cruel ethnic cleansing of her world and for all mothers who struggle to survive and feed their children.

We thank you, Defender God, who guards us even as a mother bear defends her young.
For Deborah, mother in Israel. For all who think like mothers but whose homes have not known the joy and laughter and tears of children.

We thank you, Nurturing God. You have engraved our names on the palms of your hands.
For Eunice, mother of Timothy, and for his Grandma Lois; for Hannah and all mothers who teach children to use their gifts for God and the good of the world.

We thank you, God of Wisdom, who teaches us as a mother eagle, carrying us on your wings.
For women without name and without number; mothers who look well to the ways of households and who also live and work in the world of commerce and profession.

We thank you, God of strength and power, who is never tired of feeding us with living bread, formed and baked with such care.
We were formed from God, Nurtured with God's breath, Harbored in God's love, Warmed beneath God's Wing.

Thanks be to God for mothers.

by Audray Johnson