Women's Ministries

Mission Statement

To Our God
We honor Him by our compassionate service to all people, seeking to communicate that God is love, that He values each person and that He pours out His spirit on all receptive hearts.

To All Women
We seek to treat all women as Jesus did; to uphold, encourage and challenge them. We reward their efforts and initiatives, and provide a safe climate for complete growth in service to God and all His children.

To All Men
We seek to encourage each person to use her or his God-given potential in complementing the gifts of others and in working side-by-side to further the global mission of the church. We strive to strengthen marriage and family relationships.

To Our Young People
We desire to nurture and to educate our children and our youth in the ways of Christ; teaching them of His love and of their worth and value to Him. We are role models to our girls and examples to our boys as we endeavor to inspire them to discover and use their talents for God.

To Our Co-workers
We desire to be fully involved with our co-workers in the finishing of God's work, giving all in service for Him, extending our best to each individual in need and to the task at hand.

To Our Church Community
We are challenged to bring women's unique perspectives to the issues facing the church and to allow our spiritual gifts to be a blessing to the church. We assure our church community that our task is to be a part of finishing the Lord's work on earth and that we with our families, among our fellow believers, and in the ever expanding circles of the unsaved world.

To Our Neighbors
We strive to uplift Christ to the world. We reach out to our neighbors, treating them with acceptance and respect, and invite them to join the community of believers in harmony with taking the gospel commission to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people.

To Our Future
We are role models. We are responsible to nurture and to educate our young people in the ways of Christ; teaching them of His love and of their worth and value to Him. We work to assure our sons and daughters that they will be loved, appreciated, respected, valued and encouraged to grow into responsible, God-fearing adults in their chosen field. We wish to eliminate discrimination and prejudice toward all people and we work toward that end.

To Our Christian Heritage
We are challenged to build upon our Christian heritage, recognizing God's past leading and looking forward to and hastening the coming of Christ. We minister with love and compassion to the spiritual, physical, mental and social needs of men, woman and children, displaying and declaring the love of God for fallen humanity. It is our purpose to inspire women to reach their full potential in Christ; to enable women to deepen their spiritual lives, and act on their faith by utilizing their unique gifts in service for Him, thus becoming a significant part in hastening Christ's return.

Our ultimate goal is to bring souls to Jesus Christ.